Powered by You
Powered by Adventure
Every day, we make choices that change us. I choose to explore, not just to
exist. To walk in L.A. rather than get caught up in the fast lane. To bike to
the beach and surf at sunup. I choose to get outside, climb rocks, and see
what this world has to offer.

Powered by Curiosity
I left life as a stockbroker in NYC to try life as
an artist. To see what it would be like to play
my guitar and write songs every day. I’ve just
started recording my music at home on my
Acer computer. I’m excited to see where it all
takes me.

Powered by Love
Audrey and I met at the Larchmont farmers’
market. I fell for her instantly. She’s my girl.
She tears everything to pieces and dictates
my life, but I’ve never been happier. This dog
loves me no matter what and the best part is
she’s always up for an adventure.

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