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Sublimely Ridiculous
For me, being a comedian is all about finding
and pointing out the odd and unusual. I didn’t
really choose to be a comedian. I was just
born this way.

Powered by Chaos
I find that I’m constantly surrounded by chaos—in my mind
and in the world. Chaos isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it’s
just very confusing. My Acer is quite literally my processor.
It takes all of my thoughts and prepares them for human
consumption. Bit by bit. Punch line by punch line.

Powered by Pop Culture
A lot of my humor is based on current events, the hot topics of the day.
Every morning I wake up and read at least five online news outlets and
start writing down my notes for future jokes. The touch screen makes it
easier to surf the web and organize my notes at my fanatical pace.
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