Powered by You
Powered by Patsy
I’ve always felt a connection with
Patsy Cline’s music, so I created The
Patsychords to cover her songs. I use
my Acer to design the band’s nostalgic
promo posters and to remix recordings
for the CDs we sell at our shows.

Powered by Family
I have a big family and we’re all very close, but we’re also scattered
all over. Video chat is a great way to stay in touch and feel like we’re
still together. Every week I have a Skype party with my niece—it’s
tea, stuffed animals and stories, from San Francisco to Portland.

Powered by Balance
As much as I love San Francisco, the
redwood forest is where I like to hang
out with my dad or with friends. I love
the sound of the river through the
trees—it’s a kind of music. Connecting
with nature reaffirms who I am.

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